No ifs or buts …. pampering incompetent politicians

Posted on May 29, 2011


authored by Ddembe on 13. January 2008 at 02:42

NRM cadre says’

“Most of the policies and plans that politicians come up with are actually crafted by technocrats. However, these plans may not have contingency plans! Or they may not be comprehensive enough to cover all angles.

Sometimes, the technocrats have excellent plans with all angles covered but they do not have the capacity to sell them to the govt. And in a place where there thousands of competing interests, this is a big factor!

Sometimes have very good plans covering all angles but they do not match them to the resources and they easily get frustrated when they cannot get their plans implemented because of resource constraints.

Sometimes the technocrats have very good plans with all contingencies covered but they simply do not implement them!”


It appears like you see your job as finding excuses for politicians!

I see my job as a citizen as criticizing politician not finding excuses for them!

Plans without contingency plans that are not comprehensive enough? It matters little what the competing interests are -as a man on the street all I care about is that there is rubbish on the streets, that 3 days of mayhem next door in Kenya unmask the fact that our leaders have been sleeping at the wheel and failed to predict that an election in Kenya could go wrong and leave a landlocked country with no fuel, that every evening power has to go except if next to a big man and when it is available it is inadequate for my needs, that I cannot get to the city without putting up with lunatic traffic and massive potholes with policemen standing there looking like dummies, that I cannot pray for rains without expecting floods, that I can only get to my mansion through roads that would make a 4WD resort track proud or that obviously corrupt and incompetent leaders are recycled because their little ignorant community of a few tens of thousand cattle keepers send them back to parliament and the state has no laws to block them, that my capital city is presided over by a convicted criminal who is incompetent ecause no politician wished to pass laws that would bar him from standing as the same laws would alo bar tainted NRM politicians like Muhwezi and Saleh from standin for office or that it i scary to get really sick in Uganda as the primary, secondary and tertiary health care facilities are wanting yet the people responsible get to be flown out for even simple things at our expense!

As a citizen I do not have to know the details of why things do not work. All I need to see is that 22 years on the same cabal that has had 5 terms of office (not 3), 7 going on 8 terms in countries with 3 year terms, the services i pay taxes for still do not work and the same people are still recycled or in some cases like the Minister of works and transport still parked in the same ministry year in year out despite failing to deliver! No one has been sanctioned, no one has been sacked for incompetence, no one is accountable for the mess and no one has been prosecuted and jailed for corruption!

If technocrats cannot deliver, they should be sacked, if it is because they do not have a budget, it should be availed them, if politicians are corrupt, they should be barred from standing for office again regardless of what their little captive peasant community thinks (surely as the Baganda say awa kula ennume emu, or a kraal that has grown one bull can grow another to replace it), if a major preventable crisis happens the repsonsible line minister should resign regardless of the reasons someone has got to take responsibility -example in the recent fuel crisis, ebola, GAVI, floods, IDP’s and failure to end the war in the north, roads etc! In really bad situations the whole government should resign and elections held as happens in some democracies

Our politicians need to be responsive to the publics demands and expectations and need to be seen to be accountable! We pamper ours and continue to recycle them even when it is obvious they cannot deliver!

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