Too many balls!

Posted on May 29, 2011


authored by Ddembe on 11. January 2008 at 02:19

NRM cadre says,

“The problem is that you are reacting to all the items I put forward as if I wanted a detailed discussion of each! No please! My intention is not to spawn another debate on each of the items I put forward! My intention was simply to give you the kind of arguments that those PS come to table with when they are looking for budgetary allocations! All the arguments I put forward are some of the ones that are advanced by these people so as to get budgetary votes!”

Yes, we can debate them over and over -and get further and further away rom the simple question you were asked to respond to which is exactly my point!

You tend to throw up all these diversionary stuff (you say they are neither queris nor arguments but “illustrations”) whenever you are asked simple questions! At times you write twenty paragraphs of possible scenarios instead of just getting on with the question! At times you go even further and imagine how things possibly could have been and create scenarios that are purely an expression of your fertile imagination!

All this is diversionary!

I will make it simple! Suppose I tell you we are going to play tennis with a twist! There you are standing in the middle of the court, short hairy legs Wandegeya triangle beer belly, hefty bum, and man boobs and all -and suddenly twenty balls come at you, wouldnt you call that diversionary?

I can argue any side of the point/illustration you throw up and we can be here for ever! The point still remains that in twenty years we have no clear timeline and our only reason to congratulate ourselves is that we can sleep without “popcorn” read gunshots going off all the time, we can walk around without “kitambulisho” and we can go out on the streets after six O’clock without getting raped and killed, we can go to the city without fear that we will have to get out really fast! We read our government just like you do lacks focus and runs after twenty balls at the same time year in year out! Results -they have to buy new jets every few years without being able to get around to doing anything else -because there was never any contingency plan! If a Kato who is connected happens to know some man who is connected to Boeing and they wish to sell a new jet to the government, we buy -on the say so of the salesman and not our own planning or independent advice!

Yes your ministers have plans for their ministries but that does not mean the central planning authority cannot and should not dictate the timeline! And yes, one can shoot all their justifications out of the air starting with the “begging chariot” for the president!

If Heart Institute has been talking heart lung equipment for twenty years and then a few individuals walk in with 600,000 dollar equipment and achieve what we have failed to achieve for 40 years, then there is a problem! If a private hospital can duplicate that within weeks then there is a problem! If Mayombo was treated in International hospital and not Mulago then died on the way to israel via Nairobi, then one has to wonder why we neglect mulago!

All those primary health care plans are well and good! But there is also a good case for building up capacity in the referral hospitals and tertiary centres! In twenty years we are still chasing our tails waiting for “donors” to come and help us while we fly around in expensive begging chariots!

We manage problems by crisis and have done so for twenty years!

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