Really how hard could it be ….?

Posted on May 31, 2011


by Drew Ddembe on Sunday, February 27, 2011 at 1:03am

‎@ MK,
Maybe I do see too much -and allow it to get to me!
How difficult is it to enforce the law on road reserves?

How difficult can it be to maintain hygiene rules and fine and prosecute people who drain their waste into the middle of the road?
How difficult can it be to pull down at the builders cost ‘illegal” structures put up in the middle of the night in the city with the connivance of inspectors and the cities administrators?
How hard can it be to build warranties into road construction and maintenance contracts and enforce then so that if a road breaks down 3 months after at was built when the design was meant to last 15 years, the contractor is sued!
How hard is it to project the number of cars in the city and design and construct roads and infrastructure to match?
How hard can it be to enforce road traffic regulations?
How hard can it be to use the URA and tax regulations to sue a corrupt politician for 20 years of unpaid taxes based on his self declared assets and income over the last 20 years and matching that to their undeclared income and either seizing the assets or fining them punitively and awarding a matching custodial sentence?
How hard could it be to collect garbage when citizens pay their taxes?
How hard could it be to develop planning and zoning regulations with minimum block sizes and uniform construction rgulations and enforce them in a city where builders are forced to pay for building permits, health inspectors permits, occupation permits and land rates?
How hard is it to catch the thieves in the police traffic division who solicit bribes in broad daylight, those in the land office and the high court registry who again solicit for bribes in full view of the public as well as KCC inspectors and officials. i can walk into any of these places and will be asked for a bribe by people who wouldn’t even know if I were a security officer!
How hard is it to recognise that the state is the number one corrupt organisation in the country if it is fraudulkently ripping off civil servants by paying them a wage that can barely cover their housing, lunch and transport to work?
How hard is it for one to see and recognise that health services are a shambles. Anyone walking into any ward in Mulago and speaking to patients or staff can tell you that in five minutes!
How hard can it be for people in the NRM to see that life presidency is a threat to whatever so called gains they may claim to have achieved and stand upto the incumbent and escort him to rwakitura unless they are accepting that they are all incompetent and only one man in their party can think!
This government is a sham and only ignorance and intimidation with the fear of the unknown keeps them in power!

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