Letter to Nina -Overgovernance; we can conclude that the NRM government is useless to Ugandans

Posted on June 3, 2011


by Drew Ddembe on Friday, June 3, 2011 at 11:32pm
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Dearest Nina,

I can understand why you do not want to talk to me right now. That loser ST misread my last letter and thought I was plotting to beat him to peeping under your skirts. I sear to God that was not my intention! What a creep! Wamma, I was refering to the NRM’s skirts!!! As for daddy holding a kithambi, that was a figure of speech! I hear dirty minds and dirty tongues have been wagging!

I still want to discuss daddy’s cabinet! As I have mentioned before, I am concerned with the inclusion of all of those greedy eaters! There will be very little left over for the rest of us after they are through with the kintu! you see the rest of us, all 33 million of us have been waiting 25 years to get to the table. Uncle Kaguta when he was handing out brown envelopes the other day bying our votes said that we would have first class roads within 3 months! He ordered the engineers in the Ministry of works to start work immediately. They even used this excuse to immediately flout all of the PPDA rules claiming they did not have the time to deliver in three months if they had to go through red tape!

But we know from experience that when they do that, we end up with air while the money ahs all been spent. More than three months later, there are no roads to be seen. Could you ask dady to check and make sure they have not ripped us off again! In Japan when a corrupt constructor builds a road and skims off some money to build his house, everyone wins. The corrupt contractor gets a house, while the public get a wel constructed road guaranteed to provide service for decades. But in Uncle Kaguta’s Uganda, the contractor builds his house but the public see no roads!!! Why can’t Ugandan corrupt people be like corrupt Japanese? Instead in Uganda, they remind us how they were fighting while we were hiding under the bed! What kamanyiro! Like they were fighting in their own backyard without disturbing the rest of us!!! You know as they say you break it, you’ve got to fix it!

Before the elections we watched the daylight robbery in that talk house called parliament where the so called honourables were stealing rom the people. Mbu they each got 20 million to “supervise” development programmes in their constituencies! Whoever thought up that lie must have been smoking something illegal. You would think that for that kind of money they would be able to afford a good liar! Less than 6 weeks before that particular house was dissolved each member was handed enough money to pay the salary of a Ugandan teacher for 20 years with no guarantee that they would deliver, no TOR, no mechanism for audit to ensure value for money! Whoever heard of a major nationwide government programme without an inbuilt programme for monitoring and supervision? Could you tell me if in the original NAADS programme proposals it was proposed that MP’s would be the supervisors? If MP’s are meant to supervise programmes in their constitutencies, what exactly are all of those government flunkies with fancy titles paid to do? People like CAO’s, RDC’s, LC chairpersons at all sorts of levels -five, three, one etc. All of those councillors! What does the supervising minstry do and what are the project managers roles? It goes to just how useless and parasitic this political class is.

As you may see, I make no distinction between the opposition and the government. They are all in bed together when it comes to fleecing the taxpayer! If you doubt me just look at the recent shenanigans in that talk shop where they decided to discuss their own obscene allowances in camera! Like Ugandans have no right to know what they get for their money! You see in Uganda leaders appear to believe that Ugandans are there for their own self gratification! Mbu the dishonourable idiots want expensive cars for themselves and tax free allowances! This disease of ‘arrivalism’ you guys brought with you from the bush has infected the whole country! No wonder the NRM primaries were so chaotic with adults fighting each other like their very lives depended on it!

Whats with all of those MP’s anyway! Oh, I had forgotten its all a result of you guys gerrymandering! Creating numerous non viable districtlets dependent on the state titty with greedy jumped up pompous politicians falling all over themselves to provide support to the NRM in exchange for a small slice of their very own pie to eat closer to home!

Interestingly those pompous busybodies rejected Ssebagala’s nmination! I would have thought that he would have fit quite well with them! They seem to imagine that because they have a few more certficates than he does, they are better than he is. At least with Ssebagala, you know quite squarely where his allegiance is -in his bottom which he is quite happy to put at the service of the highest bidder! I hear poor Hajji was on “bedi resti” after you guys ripped him off by offering him a minsterial post you never intended to deliver!

Prof Nuwagaba suggested that Uganda is one of the most overgoverned countries in the world! You guys have creted a state of patronage where the provision of services takes a backseat to appeasing greedy politicians! These idiots wouldnt recognise development if it fell into their own laps! I think you should read that article. It is brilliant! http://www.reevconsult.co.ug/articles/35-articles/22-can-ugandas-over-governance-transform-the-economy.html As a matter of fact, you need to pass it on to the PM if he has never read it. Am sure if he had he would not have agreed to be the leader of government business presiding over such an obese and innefficient cabinet. Daddy’s cabinet is one of the largets in the world! If it were a reality show, it would be the biggest loser! The Biggest loser at least does offer free entertainment. In this case it is painfull to watch all of those posturing peacocks who believe that being elected by Ugandans gives them the right to rip off Ugandans without their consent!

Nuwagaba says that “We have 45,000 Local Councils (LC1s); 5500 parishes (LC IIs),1026 sub-counties (LCIIIs) including Town Councils and Municipal Divisions; 151 Counties (LC4); 18 Municipalities including 5 Divisions of Kampala City; and 80 districts (LCVs) including Kampala City. All theses structures have councils with 10 people as executive officials implying for instance 450,000 chairpersons and LCI executive officials, 55,000 chairpersons and LCII executive officials etc. There are also a host of councilors and chiefs (most of whom are now actually redundant because their main pre occupation was collection of graduated tax that has been recently abolished). Don’t forget that there are 304 Members of Parliament and 69 Ministers! Going by conservative figures, I have estimated that we have a Leadership to Population Ratio of 1:6. This compares with the national Doctor to population Ratio of 1:30,000!! with district variations eg. Kitgum has 1:33,000 (Ministry of Health Sector Strategic Plan 1999/2000).”

What exactly do you people think you are doing? Do you really believe that by paying off every greedy little local politician with a large mouth services will come to the people? Haven’t you learnt from 25 years of making the same mistakes? Look at Kampala city, one of the most over governed cities in the world. It is a smelly dump with un collected garbage, no roads for those pits you call roads can’t really be called roads without insulting roads! Even the potholes in Kampala are an insult to potholes!!! Yet the pompous little busybodies waltz around demanding respect like they have done a good job! Mbu Seya said he deserved to be rewarded! One wonders what for. For making us the laughing stock of the world? I cringe when people tell me they have visited Kampala! Don’t you? What do you tell your friends from Nottingham or Sweden when they visit? That daddy is the kingpin of this ant heap? Have yu ever seen those pitiful women sweeping mud filled potholes with grass brooms in the morning? That too is another scam perpetrated on the people of Kampala!

Now Kampala has like five mayors! A city you can walk the length of from one end to the other in an hour or even less!And a lord mayor. Plus loads of councillors half of them semi literate with no idea at all what a modern city should look like! All combined with one of the most corrupt bureucracies in the southern hemisphere! Now there is a whole minstry too on top as well as another authority headed by a CEO! I did listen to that woman talk and I must say that I may come to like her! She speaks well and with authority. and am not talking about posturing. She has clearly identified the problems. I would like to compare her knowledge of Kampala and its problems with that of the outgoing mayor and “minister for fortpolio’s” Seya Ssebagala! Unfortunately, with all of those posturing self important peacocks at all levels, she is going to spend a lot of time placating idiots instead of doing her job.

You guys had the opportunity to overhaul the local government act and instead of fixing the problem, you handicapped her with hundreds of puffed up councillors and self important mayors all in the name of political expedience! This was the time to close down city hall, get rid of all of the councils while appointing a new authority with a CEP on a performance based contract and no political affiliations with the powers to hire and fire her own team! But that goes to show just how little you get it and need to retire an leave these things to people with the training to do them. You see the limitations of peasant Generals are kind of catching up with the NRM! Paesant Generls are only usefull in the early parts of a revolution -to mobilise paesants but they have no place in a modern state as their skills just cannot keep up with the times!

Haggai Matsiko in his article of 9 November 2010, “A Sleeping Giant of Too Many Leaders, Laws, Policies, And No Implementation” stated that “The country has 327 Members of Parliament, 69 Ministers, 278 political appointees who include 80 Resident District Commissioners and 80 deputies, 75 presidential advisors and 43 presidential private secretaries and their deputies. And this is just a sample of the real picture of Uganda’s amorphous public administration.” http://allafrica.com/stories/201011100994.html

The new cabinet introduces more useless ministries like the Ministry for Bunyor, Teso, Kampala in addition to those useless one for Karamoja and Luwero not to mention Ethics. Quite frankly have you ever visited Luwero? They are so close to Kampala and have had a ministry all of their own for almost 25 years. I can assure you that if you visit Luwero, you will agree that having a minstry does not benefit a district! Karamoja too is one of those places that has had a minsitry for decades. It remains arguably the most underdeveloped part of Uganda. Workers have had MP’s in government and am sure they feel un represented. Ditto the army! Do you think those privates in tattered uniform and mama ingia poles feel represented?

While we are on the subject, given everyone has got to be represented, how comes the police is not reprepsented in parliament? The other day, I hear an association was formed for the “abataasoma”, the illiterates of this country! They too promptly asked to be represented! Mbu they wanted an MP too! And even more seriously, how comes our tribes and kingdoms too do not get an MP in parliament? Given the argument for the army getting ten representatives is that they have potential to destabilise this country, shouldnt tribes be represented in parliament? I cannot think of anything that has potential to destabilise Uganda like tribes!! If you do extend the subject you will of course realise why this obsession with representation in its most simplistic form is so ridiculous! Ugandans are so disenchanted with the ability of the NRM government to deliver services and development that they will only accept that they are represented if one of their own, from their tribe, their village or county is eating!!!

Matsiko helps us understand the figures even better, quote, “Numbers aside, the expenditure on these administrators is enormous. Each presidential advisor and presidential assistant earns a salary of slightly more than Shs 2 million a month, gratuity of Shs 9.9 million every year, Shs 150,000 fuel allowance and Shs 150,000 imprest every month. This alone translates into Shs 908.5 million in a year, enough to pay for 378 primary school teachers for whole year at a salary of Shs200, 000 per month and Shs 2,400,000 a year. The overall total of the government expenditure on advisors, presidential assistants, RDCs, deputy RDCs, presidential private secretaries and their deputies alone is about Shs 7.5 billion a year. This money would support 2,077 UPE schools of 800-pupil enrollment or buy drugs for 890 Health Centre IVs, construct 935 classrooms, or pay for 37,500 primary teachers, half of the additional 72,000 teachers required to lift the quality of UPE.”

Now it becomes easy to understand where out money goes and why we have got potholes, rubbish is not collected, the health system is a shambles and we are addicted to debt and foreign aid!

Matsiko adds further that , “Despite the expenditure, observers say that these advisors are doing nothing at all apart from draining government coffers,….”. There it is in black and white. All of these people are useless. As you can see I can do a better job for a fraction of the price. Am sure there are plenty of young well trained Ugandans ready to step in and relieve all of the old foggy brains of the burden of mismanaging our country!

This Mastiko guy doesnt let go! He may end up joining Kalyegira for this article even though its old. But then Kalyegira’s is old too. He states further,

“Advisors aside, each MP earns 14.5million, which means altogether they earn over Shs 57bn annually, devoid of allowances. Moreover, there are 69 Ministers who have all sorts of allowances including government vehicles. Government expenditure on fuel, oils and maintenance of the vehicles increased from Shs 36.7billion in 2004/05 to Shs 92 billion in 2006/07. These ministers prosper at the expense of the public even though Article 114 of the constitution states that “the total number of Ministers appointed under this article shall not exceed twenty-one except with the approval of Parliament.”

We know of course that MP’s have since increased their pay to 19 million a small fortune to a Ugandan!

The other day Janet was in parliament talking about patriotism. One wonder whether the eaters in the NRM really know what patriotism means! Nuwagaba says that “as long as a receptionist in National Drug Authority (NDA) earns Shs 944, 541 per month, while a medical doctor who spent seven year in medical school earns a paltry Shs 705,621, implementation will remain a nightmare. Even a driver at the Bank of Uganda earns Shs 1,135347 per month. Such disparities defeat logic and directly affect public service provision. Consequently, skilled and experienced personnel required in central government service quit.”

This looks like simple logic to me but obviously its too difficult for the NRM to grasp even after presiding over this country for 25 years. Think about this -any high school drop out can be a receptionist while a medical doctor has got to excel at all levels of Uganda’s dog eat dog education, spend five years at university, spend another in slave labour otherwise called internship, be posted to counties and places other Ugandans dont even know exist for anywhere between 3 and 10 years then return to Mulago for a Masters degree that includes working free for uncivil hours for Mulago -and still earn less than the receptionist! Rwanda does get it, and thats why Ugandans are manning their hospitals!

Old man Gureme as far back as 2003, in “Over-governed and over-taxed, Uganda should restore federo”,  said that,

“The federo costs: Let’s assume that Uganda had 100 counties, with an average of six sub-counties, each with six milukas, each muluka with say two batongole.

That would make about 4,600 chiefs. Add say 50 big chiefs at their headquarters, plus say 20 DCs and Buganda residents, making about 4,670 district administrators/dispensers of justice.

With today’s basic educational requirements and shortages of judges and magistrates, it would be advantageous if chiefs initially trained at the Law

Development Centre (LDC) as magistrates, some rising to be judges in due course.

Today we have in excess of 79,900 councillors at all levels, some receiving stipends and/or sitting allowances, the rest spoiling for payment. Apart from

the embittered northerners, they are mainly vote-entrappers for the Movement in the guise of LCs (nine at each stratum) taking services closer to the people, in practice taking terror closer to the oppressed (under Amin); and embezzlement closer to the victims today.

With 56 RDCs, earning princely salaries, parades of well-remunerated assistant RDCs, plus 56 rather insecure CAOs, and packs of assistants (we received

relatively tamer wages for combining the two jobs), plus a mammoth taxpayer-financed asylum accommodating superannuated loyal discards in the Movement

Secretariat. An enormous “ethnically balanced” council of ministers; and a parliament too large for its House! Clearly this country is over-governed, for

which it is correspondingly over-taxed (never mind the non-prosecutable tax evaders); all building up a very strong case for restoring federalism.”

The NRM introduced this monster of political patronage. They believe that by paying off everyone who criticises them, they will be left alone to eat in peace. Unfortunately, Museveni forgets his own words. In 1986, he stated that government is useless if it cannot deliver services to the people”. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FedsNet/message/4201

Today we can declare the NRM government useless with no shortage of abundant evidence!

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