Can Museveni claim to have improved the health care system in Uganda?

Posted on June 5, 2011


by Drew Ddembe on Saturday, January 29, 2011 at 8:46am

@ Agatha,
You are right -Mulago ws “rehabilitated” without an expansion.
I visited a ward that was closed off for renovation for a few months. When they reopened it, with pomp and camera’s, I swear it looked just the same as it did before they closed it! At the very best, they washed the walls with soap and water!
The construction of health centres is an example of incompoetence and corruption! Health centres were constructed at a time when the government had frozen recruitment of doctors -for 3 years. It was also at the time when the government disengaged itself from funding postgraduate training effectively privatising it. By making post graduate training private, do you believe that an adult doctor, married and with children who has to resign their job, work for Mulago free for at least 3 years while drawing no salary yet paying tuition to Makerere university will accept to be posted to Kabong for little or no pay and 12 month of arrears plus no relocation costs?
Who exactly did they think were going to staff those health centres and regional “referral” hospitals?
Without attention to man power and resources, those health centres and district hospitals are white elephants! Thats a defect of planning! it is otherwise called incompetence if you wish to use the correct terms!
The main motivation and benefit in constructing health centres was to the individuals involved in planning, issuing contracts and constructing them -in kick backs, contracts and bribes.
There is otherwise little or no benefit to the communities who were supposed to benefit from them given only 38% are staffed and most have not got even basic essentials!

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