Ugandans getting treated by Ugandan doctors in Nairobi, Johannesbourg and london!

Posted on June 5, 2011


Respect and a living wage! authored by Ddembe on 28. February 2005 at 00:35
M… says, “And by the way, I am aware of the doctors that have left. You remember we touched this sometime ago. I am still saying that their leaving does not directly translate into refusing or rejecting ” extra ” money.
It has more to do with a whole lot of stuff.”
You forget I have actually interviewed doctors (Ugandan) on this subject. This my friend is one of the most important reasons why when you have serious medical problems you are more likely to be treated by a Ugandan doctor in Nairobi, Johannesbourg or even London!
Unfortunately your “muko” in Mubende will not have the same fortune as for him to even get a taxi to Mulago (ambulance ze Ugandan zisomba matooke) the whole village will have to fundraise!

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