NRM corruption -some lessons in history! How different is the FDC and the NRM on corruption?

Posted on June 6, 2011


authored by Ddembe on 24. May 2007 at 03:29

NRM cadre says,

“Many people are already watering down this move by the IGG because they have been betting that she does not have the guts to walk the talk. Now that she has thrown down the gauntlet, many people are being forced to swallow their words and are now redirecting their shame into the botched arrest of Muhwezi and Kaboyo! They forget that these individuals are now persona non grata in Uganda. They have to live like squirrels in burrows only emerging in darkness to forage and swiftly dive back into their burrows! Wherever Alice Kaboyo is, every strange sound is making her jump out of nerves! She has started living a life of hell and distress! Her sedantary family life is now no more. Thanks to who? The hand Lady Justice Faith Mwondha!
God Bless Uganda”


My friend, you are a poor student of history! The arrests had to happen! The single most important thing that Ugandans seem to agree upon is that the NRM government is corrupt! And that despite all the talk about corruption, there has never been a single high profile arrest of corrupt NRM cadres!

It is conceivable that Muhwezi was tipped off. Don’t forget he is loaded and well connected, is a former police officer, is a lawyer, headed a major security organisation and is a former Minister!

It beats me to this day why a former Minister of Health would go to London for a “check up” and “medical treatment”! The man was in charge for a long time -if there are no local facilities for a “check up”, then it is in part his fault! Therefore his going to London should not be considered reasonable in the middle of this!

In any other country given the events in the last few weeks to months, he would have been given warning to “hang around town” given he was a person of interest who has the financial clout to influence proceedings as well as abscond!

When the late Mayombo “arrested” his brother, that was a big circus! The brother finally ended up in “exile”! His return to Uganda was negotiated by his well connected brother! Interestingly, his ticket to the UK as well as his flat in London were actually paid for by his brother who also headed a security organisation at the time -talk about conflict of interest!

A muganda lawyer and son of a former president in the early days of the NRM took his job too seriously! He soon ended up being at loggerheads with the appointing authority and lost his job to cadres who could play by the rules! Wasswa Lule is history!

A former high profile muganda female judge now posted to west Africa also made waves for a while! She came out with hard hitting and indicting reports against the URA! Someone went to court, cloak and daggers in the chambers with one female Brutus who disowned the Sebutinde report et voila, months of work wasted -and of course lots of taxpayer money! The report ended in ignominy and is gathering dust somewhere while the lady Ssebutinde was withdrawn from public life in Uganda! She was moved sideways to Liberia where she cannot make waves -at least the ones that get to Kampala! No arrests resulted from her work!

Augustine Ruzindana an insider played by the rules for a long time and as long as he met the cadres for golf and a drink in the hotspots around Kampala, everything was warm and fuzzy -no arrests! At he end he ended up on the otherside of the river -in the FDC!

Zoe Bakoko Bakulu and company are all in exile since leaving Kampala for “medical treatment” months ago! This was after they all achieved the feat of all being about five defendants all failing to turn up in court in a single morning because htey were “sick”? Did they all have dinner in the same restaurant and get food poisoning? Any self respecting judge faced with such contempt of his and the courts authority would have issued arrest warrants immediately! Considering their cases were in court and they had a history of not turning up in court, their passports should have been taken away by the courts and their movements restricted subject to approval by a court judge!

In the past we have had cases that mixed up graft, misconduct or some other misunderstanding with politics! Seeya is old news -he is now mayor of Kampala! His main defence in America during his trial was that he was a “pro democracy activist” and “opposition politician” and that “multiparty politics and democracy” in Uganda would suffer if he was given a lengthy term! He got his wish and the judge took that plea into consideration! Being a multiparyist became his main shiled after his return to Kampala and no charges could be laid against him that could not be politicised!

His friend Hajji Dr Badru Kiggundu run a commercial bank into the ground, entered dubious dealings with the presidents brother involving a major public funded commercial bank and after a falling out of thieves and with major funds down the drains and many small business people ruined, with him spending a few months getting a pHD from Luzira, he cried foul! He became a newly converted “multipartyist” and has carried out a vendetta against his previous partners since as an “opposition” pro democracy activist!

Another high profile doctor Besigye whose wife was an even more powerful NRM insider who could never decide whether she was in or out carried out her own vendettas and for a while was a very successful in parliament! She was downsized and moved sideways to the NRM secertariat beofre realising she had actually been demoted! Working in institutions imposes certain restrictions on ones behaviour! She could no longer “speak her mind” without being accused of not being a team player which she was not anyway! Hubby took over, said his mind in parliament forgetting he was part of an organisation and had taken the “Omerta” oath! The establishment came down around him and suddenly he was not so well connected! He was charged by the army, so he applied to be discharged from the army which request was denied given he had a pending case against him, so he went on the offensive! Given it was an election year, he launched a bid for the NRM presidential candidacy which of course did not happen -NRM is Museveni and Museveni is the NRM! So he went independent! In that chaos, the fragmented opposition lost but military intelligence, read Mayombo decided to make him a martyr instead of ignoring him!

Persecution turns previous unknowns into martyrs and heoes overnight! The rest is history! He too went on to get arrested and “escape” no doubt after a tip off and a look the other way! He returned triumphantly and the same poor NRM strategists again turned him into a hero by bringing some ill founded and poorly constructed charges against him! No publicity is bad publicity, even if he lost the election, something he denies to date, he gained a high profile as ” an opposition politician” in the FDC, a twin brother of the NRM!

Besigye has previously extended an invitation to Muhwezi to cross over to the FDC when the latter was besieged after the Global fund scandal and the loss of his cabinet post! I have no doubt that that invitation is still open!

Muhwezi has lost rounds;

1. Use the “twalwana” card! When you guys were cowering under the bed, we heroes were fighting to liberate this country!
2. Use the courts! It has worked before and blocked reports from being released -see the Sebutinde case!

This leave round three which has worked for many other former insiders when the cards got turned against them -join the opposition! Call a press conference and announce that you are besieged because you were leadership material and were planning to run against the incubent! That the incubent is a power hungry dictator who does not intend to let go of power and brooks no dissent (common knowledge with a bit of spice)! You do not lead for twenty years unless you are power hungry! Power goes to those who seek it and covet it!

Muhwezi has the option of doing what others have done before. Stay in London, join the opposition and feed radio Katwe with tit bits from his days as an insider! Keep a quite life with cadres dropping off to say hullo to the cadre who took the fall for all of them or going on an all out offensive and declaring himself material for the top office in the land! His father, a staunch UPC supporter extended an invitation to him too but I doubt that he would go back there -UPC is dying, a man on his death bed and would be the last nail in his political career!

As for the “new kid on the block” Mukula! We all know that in the hierarchy, he was cowering under the bed with everyone else when he was not canoodling with General Obonyo and company at Wimpy’s when the boys were fighting and not even a kinyankore accent will make him an insider!

He simply does not have the same pedigree and his claims of being persecuted can be safely ignored as it is unlikely that he knows enough of the inner workings of the NRM to cause much damage! His best bet is to bend over and take it for all of them! Business will go as usual!

By now, am sure I have ruined everyone’s dinner!

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