Who is to blame for the high death rate from malaria in Uganda?

Posted on June 7, 2011


Law of unintended consequences! authored by Ddembe on 21. March 2007 at 17:47

S… says,

“Scientists want to genetically engineer mosquitoes that don’t carry the malaria parasite and release them into those countries afflicted by the disease.

But there are mixed expectations to such a grand idea – some things react differently to new environments and the whole plan of checking the spread of a species can generate unwanted results.”

I am sure we discussed that experiment or one like it with Busungu sometime back.

There are numerous experiments in various disciplines aimed at malaria as well as malarial vector (mosquito) control. Genetic manipulation is one of them!

What you are referring to is the “law of unintended consequences” whereby despite the best intentions and the best laid plans what looked good in the lab results in different results in the field. Ever watched Jurrassic park or better still read the book? Once you let the mosquitoes fly and breed, then you are in trouble!

While many of these experiments are interesting and promising, one school of thought which I agree with is that the numbers and mortality associated with malaria is so high that no responsible government should sit by waiting for the wonderfull magic bullet without side effects at a price they cannot afford to be discovered!!!

Trust me if there was malaria in the UK or the USA resulting in the kind of mortality figures we record in Uganda, they would be using DDT! Governments and elections would be made and directed by policy on DDT not mortgages, foreign policy or Iraq!!!

This is as close to a public health scandal as any government can ever get!

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