Twenty million given to MP’s for NAADS should have been given to Heart institute!

Posted on June 21, 2011


When the ruling classes conspire to rob the tax payer (1)

by Drew Ddembe on Sunday, January 23, 2011 at 9:07am

If my black hen dissappeared and i saw black feathers in my neighbours garden, I would yell thief.

When the government and legislators collude to steal tax payers money without a clear plan for how that money is going to be spent except a vague “to monitor government programmes” whatever that means, we go around in circles calling it everything but the right name -theft!

For the last few weeks, the ruling clique has been raiding the taxpayers coffers and “gifting it” left, right and centre in an effort to buy votes!

Roads that should have been repaired 20 years ago suddenly are going to be repaired in the next 2 weeks, corruption is going to be fought -by expanding the presidents office and creating parallel bodies within presidents office rather than funding the right bodies, Bunyoro will get a ministry to cover for the fact that they are going to get royally shafted on their oil, as will Teso to stiffle any voices that are still backward and asking about the Mukura train incident and stolen cattle. They will join Karamoja and Luwero where the benefits of such ministries are difficult to quantify even after 24 years! But you and i know what happens to such unplanned unbudgeted for campaign “promises” made up on the campaign trail! You also know what happens to rushed road repair programmes when money has got to be spent in a hurry! As the Baganda say, “omulalu w’akuwela …” -if a mad woman makes an offer, you take the offer immediately as she will probably change her mind if you delay! So our thieves have learnt to use such opportunities to steal -this road repair money is all going to be stolen!

A ministry for each tribal region is the new kingdom granted to each region while a rushed and quite frankly incompetent cultural leaders bill is rushed through with indecent haste! In this indecent haste, 15 of 21 clauses are incompetent and required rewriting, members of cabinet deny responsibility for various clauses being “sneaked in” and the head of state keeps passing the buck around!

Amidst all of this is the news that government ministries are broke and have no money midway through the financial year just weeks after a rushed 600 billion in supplementary funding was granted to the president to facilitate his presidential campaign!

His campaign promises are of course funded by the tax payer -again its all about those black chicken feathers! Large sums of money are granted, there is a presidential campaign going on, the president is going around promising largesse left right and centre while handing out brown envelopes -begs the question; where does he get the money from? If you think that the requests for supplementary funding for the presidents office may explain the presidents largesses and ‘generosity”, then you’ve got that one right!

But amidst all of this where does the 20 million gifted to MP’s come in? Is it a gift to their campaign funds? Is it a bonus for a job well done? Is it a bribe to look the other way while the incumbent is spending tax payers money like its water to keep himself in power? Or is it a bribe to rush through an incompetent bill aimed at gagging the most powerful single power centre outside the presidency, the Kabaka? A bill that should that should be shelved, redrafted and represented after the elections if it really is necessary to present it. Of course thats if one believes that this bill is really necessary or even constitutional!

One of the ways of compromising a public official is to offer them “gifts”. From the moment that one accepts a “gift” they are already compromised. If that gift is a part of ill gotten gains as this money really is as it is stolen from the tax payer, one becomes an accessory to theft and robbery. This government is busy looting the tax payers coffers in order to finance their further stay in power. Each and every politician who shares in the loot is in effect an accomplice and becomes a thief too! Accepting stolen gifts is a slippery slope.

This money does not have a clear agenda and guidelines as to how it is supposed to be spent or accounted for. It was not budgeted for and was not planned for or discussed. MP’s already receive 10 million as part of their “constitutency fund”. Any government programme such as NAADS has got to have a monitoring component built into it while districts should already have monitoring units in place. Is the government going to give 20 million to each MP for every government programme? Doesnt this duplication and triplication suggest a government in crisis -one that has run out of ideas? How many tractors could this money buy? Or drugs for a health centre? If given as a capital grant to the Ugandan Heart Institute or the Uganda Cancer Institute, how many lives would it save?

This is daylight robbery of taxpayer money and it should called so. Any MP who refuses to return the money to sender should be labelled an accomplice and a thief too! By spreading the feathers all over the village, the thieves are trying to diffuse any attention that maybe directed at them!

To all MP’s -return the feathers!

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