Self preservation as a motivator for change.

Posted on June 29, 2011



by Drew Ddembe on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at 10:44pm

I can see that Alice is still in Museveni’s ark reserved only for the select few. the rest can die of jiggers and poverty who cares when they are in the kintu! Interestingly she doesn’t want to come down and share in the dust, jiggers, chaos…, potholes and disease but prefers to stay in London!!

There is no one who should be interested in a breakdown of civil order least of all Museveni. How he manages his exit from Uganda’s politics however is what is going to determine what sort of legacy he leaves behind. in every state where the leader has outlived their welcome, chaos always follows regardless of how many tanks or riot police one may have.

It was illegal as well as immoral for the president to use the presidential jet and taxpayers money to transfer his adult daughter to Germany for a normal delivery! If as Ms Rubindi suggests, the president is within his rights to use state resources whichever way he wishes, then we really are in a kleptocracy!

To use Museveni’s own words, that was "bankrupt’ thinking! it is embarrassing that our leaders preside over a crappy healthcare system but fly off to other countries where the people have invested in good health services while leaving their own people in death traps! hundreds to thousand s of Ugandan women die each year from preventable pregnancy related complications due to a a broken healthcare system. Surely 24 years should be able to produce a serviceable system! No amount of arrogant grandstanding will change the fact that Natasha Karugire was not entitled to it. Only impunity would explain such an act! The government neglects the hospitals at their own peril!

Policing is the job of the police. the army only provides back up if there is a major breakdown in public order. Anyone who has ever studied basic mob psychology can predict what will happen when a demonstration is met with brute force. Unfortunately Museveni’s regime has a history of brutality that turns even peaceful demonstrations into riots!

Museveni in his earlier speeches stated that there is no need for the government to kill its people during a disagreement. That the government has got all sorts of resources at its disposal to control such disagreements without killing them. His last 24 years have clearly shown that he does not believe in his own words. From as far back as the 1990’s when soldiers in police uniform were first employed to quell a strike at Makerere university, people have been killed for demonstrating against his government.

It is interesting that a government that has been in power for over two decades has never really felt the need before to import all of this hardware. What really has changed? Are Ugandans more radical now than 20 years ago? if so why? Could it perchance be because they are fed up?

Oh and before someone goes off the deep end claiming I am FDC or whatever, a few declarations. one am a muganda -Alice seems to have a problem with that as she brought the kabaka into her posts without any obvious reason. Two I do not hate Museveni but I strongly believe that he has outlasted his usefulness and from here onwards we can only realise diminishing returns. Three, i do not subscribe to any opposition political party.

The point of this disclosure is that we all have common ground if we chose to look for it. We have homes, families and property in Uganda. We drive on the same crappy roads. We go to the same deadly hospitals save for those in Museveni’s ark who get to fly off at the expense of the rest. we are subjected to the same mediocre services from the government. and when this thing blows up, we shall all burn in it together! Self interest should be our motivation regardless of what party we may chose to subscribe to! Museveni is not good for Uganda’s future and is now past his due by date! He needs to retire or be shown the exit before this whole kintu goes down and gets burnt down by ssanja!!