Uganda -how corruption and patronage work!

Posted on June 30, 2011


authored by Ddembe on 18. January 2008 at 15:20


M… says to NRM cadre,

“Of course the schools , roads , and clinics in Nyabishozi or Ruhaama are hardly on the same standard with those in Budadiri . This is Uganda , not Venezuela we are talking about . I am sitting here with people who come from all over the place . They know and see the difference . Museveni himself said that those who want to see what development looks like , should be put on buses and sent to Nyabushozi . I know what he was talking about .”


I can state as fact that one of the former discussants here who has since taken leave knew very well the details of the health centre in Rusherwe, the local town closest to Rwakitura! It is certainly not on the same scale as Budadiri!

The health centre there built on the orders of the president had two resident doctors (not medical assistants) and was stocked with all the drugs available through MOH!

I know for a fact that the fact that the son of the soil lived close by was of direct benefit to the local residents! The first milk cooler /collection point was in Rusherwe so the residents stopped pouring away the milk they did not drink or make ghee from and learnt to unlock the commercial benefits of diary farming!

I can bet without carrying out the exercise that of one were to stand on Masaka -Mbarara road and count the number of 4WD’s government and non government heading to the village on a Saturday, those going to Jinja road including those going to Kenya would not beat them! As a matter of fact I have been told that it is true!

I have accompanied some individuals to their villaji on a weekend and have a clear idea of how the system works! The “mukulu” arrives in his air conditioned 4WD and the fact is announced to the 10 villages from afar! He arrives to tumultuous welcome!

Those who need mabugo are waiting while those who need school fees are not to be left behind. those who need jobs on the big mans farm are also there soliciting employment while those who have completed their lubimbi are waiting to be paid! Wedding invitations and lumbe fundraising programmes are their for the big man to contribute to while young girls and boys who need jobs in Kampala wait to be introduced to the big man! Others who have finished PLE need a chit to a headmaster of a good school or wish to travel beyond the seven hills and continue their schooling in Kampala! there are even young girls who have “kuvubukaad” who need to be married off before they get “spoilt” like rotten fish and apparently the big man is best placed to assist in doing this! The pastor is there to fundraise from the big man for the roof of the church or the “musomesa’s” house while the LC’s are their to talk about the condition of the local roads -they need the big man to bring a grader!!

The economy of a whole village depends on one big man! Yes the big man may have his mansion in Bugolobi with seven bathrooms and a home theatre but he still gets to boost the local economy. Yes the villagers bask in the glory of their sons success but they also share in the spoils and gains from his stealing! If and when he is accused of stealing, they will be the first ones to defend him -as a matter of fact they will not be interested in the details however well they are chronicled as in GAVI! All that matters is that their lifeline to the public coffers is threatened!

Thats why some regions have demanded of the president that he replaces a minister he has dropped from cabinet with another from the region -so that they too can share in the national eating!

And you wonder why we cannot have true democracy! There is no class, and not ethics in the eating based on tribalism and it has now become a free for all!

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