Health -does this government have any viion for health?

Posted on August 8, 2011


Of fallacies and NRM cadres! authored by Ddembe on 6. May 2007 at 14:07

NRM cadre says,

“Unfortunately we are only given chance to bring these politicians once in every 5 years! In this case 2011 is the appointed date for reckoning! But deep down we know that it is not only the politicians who are culpable in these cases! If we are sincere with ourselves we know that though the politicians take responsibility for these mishaps, the actually originators and implementers are the civil and public servants!”

My friend, you continue to commit a major fallacy of debate! You keep on explaining in detail where you think the health system has failed -at the bottom! unfortunately your detailed explanations do not change anything!

You commit the fallacy of assuming that because I do not agree with you, therefore I do not understand you and hope that by continuing to explain yourself using detailed explanations and examples, I will understand you -and therefore agree with you!

Unfortunately, I do understand you -I simply do not agree with you! No amount of examples of individual acts of corruption or incompetence that may contribute the mess in our health system changes the fact that if a someone or a group of people have presided over that mess for twenty years without kicking those technicians, nurses, doctors, administrators into line in order to produce a functioning system, then one has got to look at the leaders themselves and ask yourself whether they really merit their positions!

Could you tell me one administrator in any public hospital who has been sacked in the last twenty years for the incompetence that you labour to demonstrate goes on daily? Can you tell me which technician has been penalised for what you claim is an open secret -that they sabotage major equipment to keep themselves relevant? Can you show evidence that the executive has insisted on accountability from his line ministers charged with health!

Given that you admit that our health system is in a shambles, please give some examples of the executive bringing the individuals in charge to account! Has anyone ever been laid off that you know in the last twenty years particularly those cadres that you demonstrate are so incompetent?

If not, please demonstrate how the executive should not be held to account for failing to impose their vision on those below them -if indeed there is a vision for health in Uganda? Kindlyexplain why no line minister has been forced to resign or been sacked for continuing to preside over the mess that contributed to the death of one of the leading cadres of the NRM!!!

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