Health services -fact or speculation?

Posted on August 8, 2011


authored by Ddembe on 4. May 2007 at 13:04

Mataka says, “So many machines are purchased and either breakdown within the first month of operation or are never even used!”


Fact or speculation?

Who releases the money for these purchases?

Don’t hoispital bureaucrats have accountability for funds disbursed by them?

Does the relevant line ministry have a plan for the development of health services with guidelines and standards for what equipment should be bought and when?

Should a hospital CMO submit a duplicate request for funds for equipment they only just bought a few months ago, doesn’t this ring bellsand raise questions in the ministry and generate a query and “please explain”?

If it doesn’t, aren’t the people who release those funds incompetent imbeciles?

Of course I only come to these conclusions because I accept as fact that a man like you who works in the central bank and comes here to vigorously defend any claims against the NRA government has facts and not speculation with which to combat speculators!!!

If hospital CEO’s can get away with this incompetence year in year out for twenty years, then their supervisors in the Ministry of health, Min of Finance and dept. of government procurement must be imbeciles who should resign their posts!!!!

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