Health -when Ugandan “patriots” get treated abroad -by Ugandan doctors!!!

Posted on August 8, 2011


You got that one wrong! authored by Ddembe on 9. May 2007 at 17:25

Mataka says,

“In brief, many of the theories that apply in the management of companies do not apply when it comes to the govt. So I still beg to disagree that departmental technocrats in the MOH should be absolved of blame in the rot in the health system!”

Your summary says it all!

You have failed to grasp the reason why no one seems to agree with you!

No one said anything about absolving incompetent technocrats! Particularly given there is a lot of evidence that many of those non performers are proteges of the very same political godfathers running these non performing institutions!

You do a very good job of demonstrating how these incompetents get and hold onto their jobs as well as get promoted despite the glaring fact that our health system has failed to come out of the doldrums despite the superficial propaganda spewed about it! In your own words, they bribe and brown nose their incompetent bosses in order to keep their jobs for decades while Ugandans cont ineue to die of preventable diseases! Plus of course errors of commission committed by their non existent and incompetent supervisors!

Any manager be it government or private sector has got to accept responsibility for failures of its programmes! The last twenty years of NRM rule have failed to produce a functioning health system in which all Ugandans regardless of social status can feel safe! And none of the Ministers of Health or their deputies have been outsiders -most if not all have been loyal cadres of museveni who have never tasted katebe for the last twenty years! they get cyled from one portfolio to another!

If under their stewardship, they have failed to deliver results, why should we look elsewhere! Should we continue to condone incompetence while our people continue to die? Can you assure me that you confidently walk into a Ugandan hospital with no fear when you fall sick

Why is it that our elite continue to fly out of Uganda, the political elite at our expense to get treatment abroad -irony of ironies from Ugandan doctor abroad -the same doctos you insult! Prof Lule had to be flown from Nairobi to attend to him before he as flown to Nairobi. You can bet your money that many of our elite who fly to South Africa, Kenya, the UK or north America get treated by Ugandan doctors there! Yet these same doctors were trained in Uganda -where you find them incompetent but they are deemed competent in more functional health systems!

It is not the individuals Sir! It is the system -rudderless and lacking in vision! It saps the energy of individuals and forces them to look elsewhere where their professional skills are more valued and they can practice their art in a more productive manner!

And take it from me, they are more respected elsewhere and they do not have to take abuse from someone who does not know the next thing about running a functioning health system but owes his position to political connections, takes home in five minutes more allowances than the same doctor takes home in a month yet does not have to take any of the risks! Ditto to someone like you who works nine to five yet banks more in a month than he banks in a year, probably drives a fuel guzzling public funded 4WD and gets a tax payer funded mortgage from bank of Uganda at the impossible interest rate of 2 percent or less that I hear you guys in Bank of Uganda get -yet the economy you run can only offer to the public a rate more than 12 times that!! Yet you feel you can lecture others who live in the real world!

This my friend is not about agreeing to disagree -it is about you accepting that you got this one wrong -very wrong!

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