Health for your mum and NRM lies!!!

Posted on August 14, 2011


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health for NRM cadre’s mum! authored by Ddembe on 8. March 2008 at 09:00

“Unless you have ever worked in a ward at night and watched children die when they can be saved, you cannot appreciate the problem,” Katamba says. “You have to know the helplessness doctors and nurses experience.”

This helplessness, he says soon turns into frustration forcing medics to opt out at the slightest opportunity.

Government planned to build 868 health centres across the country between 2000 and 2005. By 2003, 400 had been constructed.

However, Igaba questions the wisdom in this policy, saying “In many of the existing health centres, operation theatres are out of use or can only perform simple operations due to lack of equipment.”

Indeed, the 2007 Health Sector report states: “There was a mismatch between construction of new health facilities and the capacity to make them functional in terms of human resources, medical equipment and operational budgets.”

NRM cadre,

I can see Zaramba, Mallinga, Nsibambi, Omaswa and even Museveni are all making you eat your words on the quality of health care your mum receives for her taxes!

Are you going to try and backtrack or are you just going to bury your head in the sand untill the conference ends and the visitor leae?

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