Watson -Are Ugandans intelligent?

Posted on September 29, 2011


authored by Ddembe on 23. October 2007 at 13:05


I can see you are trying to educate the unintelligent!

Simple things elude them! So the poor sots miss the fact that I do not endorse Watsons opinion!

It does however offer a very good opportunity to examine ourselves and see ourselves from an outsiders position! Could a people who are collectively intelligent possibly be as self destructive and as chaotic as we Ugandans are?

Ugandans like to call themselves bright despite abundant evidence to the contrary! The ordinary Ugandans concept of a bright person is one who is “clever” enough” to steal and amass wealth using his position and corruption! Anyone else who fails to do so is considered “stupid”! But is that what intelligence is about? We admire the corrupt an dodgy! No one ever asks questions about the backgrounds of Johny-come-lately nouveau riche who couldn’t possibly explain their apparent wealth considering some do not have any business to speak of. The world over, rich people are entreprising and usually own a business or manufacture or sell some good or service! Few people are “rich” in the true sense of the word from being employed -except in Uganda! certainly not loitering louts with no fixed business address unless one has the acumen to create a facebook, google, yahoo or youtube from their fathers garage! I am yet to see any Ugandans do so!

I am yet to see anyone explain to me clearly what Uganda’s “greatest” philanthropist Ezra owes his good fortune to yet no one seems to be bothered enough to follow though! No investigative journalist if there is any such thing in Uganda is interested in seeing beyond the smoke and mirrors of what is obviously a publicity campaign that hides the real person or his motives!

Take an example of Mayombo’s death! Which in my opinion had nothing to do with any of the stuff that was claimed here and more to do with the general state of negligence that his government has allowed our health system to descend to! The specifics themselves have more to do with a chronic illness and the treatment of that illness but I will not elaborate further!

If our leaders were very bright which they are not, they would realise that neglecting our health system while using our money to fly themselves off to distant places will not save them or their families. Even had it been Kaguta in Mayombo’s place, he too would likely have died. John Katto would probably be alive too if our hospitals were upto scratch!

In another society the ubiquitious politicians who invite themselves to any funeral and attempt to turn it into a political forum would suffer mob justice for manytimes the untimely deaths they have gone to take advantage of are a result of their ommissions and commissions!

Even the most dim herdsman knows that in order to milk the cow, one must feed the cow! Happy cows make plenty of mik and everyone benefits! Our political parasites however do not seem to grasp the concept and keep on trying to starve the cow -which places their intelligence below that of the dim village herdsman! Well adapted parasites adapt to their host environment to ensure that the host stays alive and continues to provide them with food! As an aside one wonders at which level that would place Kony and his henchmen Bitek and co. who feed off their Acholi host and attempt to destroy it while claiming to protect it!

My challenge was to anyone to present an argument using an example of Uganda proving that Watsons words are indeed incorrect! There is no evidence that Ugandans are intelligent -as a matter of fact there is abundant evidence and one can quote from all sorts of events in our past and present to suggest that we are not intelligent!

And the responses -the Egyptians were Africans and the white man is racist! What is happening in Uganda is not about the white man! It is about Ugandans showing themselves to be incapable of organising themselves for their own good! We fundraise in the media for years for individuals to go to Madras for cardiac operations while allowing our heart institute to gather dust and the bored nurses and doctors to find gainfull employment elsewhere and then wait for one white man Ian Clark to start the programme on a shoestring budget, volunteer surgeons and donations (which require organisational skills) and another group of white boys and girls to do the same thing that eluded the whole of government for years!

We allowed children to be traumatised day in and day out until some young tourist walks into Gulu and starts Gulu walk! Nasasira who has presided over our roads for two decades took time out of his schedule to “gratefully” receive the donation of a round about from the Japanese! They must have marvelled at how stupid we are!

If the Egyptians were Africans then their intelligence and the organisational skills with which they built an empire that lasted centuries died with them and got buried in the sands of time!

Anyone who thinks otherwise is free to challenge me with an argument based on current and post independence facts about Uganda!

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