Bwindi hospital -why are strangers doing our governments job?

Posted on September 15, 2012


(19) Bwindi hospital -why are strangers doing our governments job?

by Drew Ddembe on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at 10:07pm ·

@deo mugema, Nina understood my question and answered part of it! I am satisfied with the part she responded to.

The distribution of foreign funded projects in this country can and is sometimes influenced by powerful people in government leading to a skewed access to projects and services. I already knew who the MP for Kinkizi was and Nina knows that this question is derived from another previous discussion about the receipt of scholarships from foreign governments as “gifts” by members of government and their close family members who then distribute them to their relatives and constitutencies. there are laws in the leadership code as well as the civil service code of conduct against that sort of behaviour.

You on the other hand appear to be completely lost! Pray elaborate on the “dangerously close to insanity!” Or better still do not bother!

The Batwa people are not just a tourist curiosity. They are citizens of this country. And like other citizens of this country are entitled to social services from their government including health services. That it took a couple of strangers in the country to see gorillas -and pygmies to recognise their actually well documented plight and actually do something about it while our government are neglecting them should be a cause for shame for all of us.

We should no doubt commend the Kellermans but we should also condemn our government which has divested itself of all of its responsibilities and passed them off to the private sector and private individuals while they indulge themselves!Certainly if individuals can do this, our government should be able to do better!

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