Letter to Nina -Does the NRM really need new laws to fight corruption?

Posted on September 15, 2012


Does the NRM really need new laws to fight corruption?

by Drew Ddembe on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at 9:46pm ·

Nina Mbabazi,

We have discussed this and similar issues before.

Each time you demonstrate that you can see the problems but evade allocating blame using the subterfuge that we do not have enabling laws.

I have previously demonstrated to you that both the Civil servants code of conduct as well as the Leadership code have laws which if applied can control corruption and conflict of interest which are rife in the NRM circles of power!

I today will add something I came across from the Anti corruption act:

Section 9(1) & (2) of the Anti-Corruption Act, 2009 which provides that;

(1) An employee, or a member of a public Body, public company or public undertaking who, in course of his or her official duties, deals with a matter in which he or she or his or her immediate family has a direct or indirect interest or is in a position to influence the matter directly or indirectly and he or she knowingly, fails to disclose the nature of that interest and votes or participates in the proceedings of that body, company or undertaking, commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a term of imprisonment not exceeding ten years or a fine not exceeding two hundred and forty currency points or both.

(2) Conflict of interest shall arise where the person referred to in subsection (1)-

(a) deals with a matter in which he or she has personal interest and where he or she is in a position to influence the matter directly or indirectly, in the course of his or her official duties;

(c) participates in the deliberations of a public body, board, council, commission or committee, of which he or she is a member at any meeting at which any matter in which he or she has personal interest is to be discussed.

“Public undertaking”would cover political appointees and overlaps with the Leadership code which also refers to close family members doing business with government and receiving gifts from parties and governments doing business with government.

Today you bring up the issue of taxation. This issue was confused by the NRM government and Museveni. Since the earliest days of the colonial government it was well established that as soon as one ws an adult, they had to pay taxes. Graduated tax, hut tax etc are taxes that were levied and collected by local chiefs and helped run local governments.” If you had no job, the local chiefs gave you one and you earned the money for your taxes. It became part of the culture that one was not a man if they did not pay taxes.

Museveni for short term political reasons scrapped graduated tax without replacing it with any other revenue source making local government even more dependent on central government. Ironically this coincided with so called decentralisation”!

Cost sharing in health was scrapped again for short term political gains. As I remember it, he made the announcement during a presidential campaign. While our people are poor, the reality is that they already pay a lot of money for very poor healthcare. Improving the formal healthcare services with a simple, basic means tested service fee would have helped local units generate extra money. As someone who has been on the coal face I can tell you that even very poor people try to bribe doctors. The same people are already paying for quack medical services and witch doctors. Amudoi Sabina, can tell you that health insurance is possible in poor developing nations if there is accountability. Now Rwanda is leading the way and we shall be followers!

THE URA is already mandated to collect taxes from Ugandans. The law gives Kagina a lot of leeway as has been seen in the cases against Sudhir, Heritage and Tullow and Basajjabalaba.

What we have not seen is the URA going after Amama Mbabazi for our cut of the capital gains on Temangalo, after Salim Salehs daughter for her tax returns against the 250,000 USD that was stolen from under her pillow, against her father for his taxes for the last 25 years and making sure they are commensurate with his income and against all those pastors driving fancy cars that do not tally with their stated incomes.

Using available laws anyone whose lifestyle does not tally with their stated income is in essence inviting a tax audit and you do not need a new law for this. If cannot substantiate their income then the URA can use an estimate and issue a demand note together with a fine for undeclared income and tax dodging. Together with heavy fines with or without custodial sentences, all of the nouveau riche NRM billionaires can be brought back under control. People like Ezra. If they are flashing around 1 million dollars in cash, URA should just issue a bill for their 30 % and its upto Ezra to prove that he paid taxes! I would like to know how much tax Basajjabalaba pays.

This idea that we need new laws is a dodge you have used before. We do not. Its the same thing that Museveni does by coming up with new laws when the old ones are notbeing enforced as in the land bill or they are being undermined by his own people! Its powerful NRM connected people with guns who evict people including some high profile cases involving people from the presidents office!

That talk shop called government is just a den of thieves. Do we need 400 of them with all of their perks? Do they really add any value to the process of governance? How about the many political appointees at all levels of government including those useless presidential advisors who do no advising. Tamale Mirundi said it was some sort of pension club for people the president wishes to gve welfare. Certainly when one looks at appointments like that of Rwakasisi afellon previously on death row for 25 years one can believe this! The semi literate administrators at distric level aka CAO’s and DISO’s all useless sycophants who only serve to embed a party’s political machinery into state business just like the RC’s do!

The NRM is tired. They just keep recycling old twerp but quite frankly are really lost! They flounder each time demonstrating they do not even read their wn laws gathering dust in their expensively bound reports!

WE need fresh thinkers, fresh minds!

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