Letter to Nina … kale bantu mwe muli babbi nyo!

Posted on November 10, 2012


Letter to Nina … kale bantu mwe muli babbi nyo!

by Drew Ddembe on Friday, November 9, 2012 at 11:45pm ·

‘Maama nyabo’ Nina,

‘Kale abantu mwe aba NRM nga muli babi nyo mubye ensi enno nemudda nemukati!!’

“Mubba n’emeere y’obwana obuto obujudde kwashiokor”! Of all people and regions in Uganda, how could you guys steal from the starving karimojong and live with yourselves?

I always knew that you NRM people were experts at thieving “naye kuluno mukimazeeko”! nothing can describe the depths to which you guys can sink!

I told you daddy dear would have to vomit that brand new mercedes benz of his! After eating the best that this country has got to offer, one would assume that you experts at “sacrificing” would sacrifice a little bit more for this country! But no, daddy dear could not sacrifice in the seven year old mercedes that polofesa Nsibambi his predecessor had handed over! Not for even a day more! He had to go out and purchase the newest merc using the easiest money accessible … Karamoja project money! Did anyone ever tell the PM that a “new” car in Kampala is a 1999 Japanese mass production people mover with 300,000 km on the meter … nevermind the odometers are wound back before shipping to Uganda? As for the visionaries brand new merc, “eyo tetugya ggendayo” apart from saying that it is really great for one to sacrifice!

I now know why the rest of us have such crappy lifestyles … we do not sacrifice and are not patriotic enough! Am sure the tutu wearing lady Karooro and that other imbecile Tamale -Mirundi will find some inane way of putting it that makes sense to the rest of you but none to the rest of us!

I love it when you guys preach patriotism! You wouldnt recognise patriotism if it were staring you in the face! Do you listen to yourselves when you are preaching patriotism and sacrifice? When you pay yourselves fortunes while calling the hardworking citizens of this country lazy … blaming their poverty on laziness and not the peanuts that you pay them? I remember you and daddy dear waxing lyrical on the need for teachers to sacrifice and accept, nay be thankful for the 200,000 that they are paid! I have also heard you pontificating about doctors and their need to sacrifice! Given the example that the leader of government business offered, I am not too sure why anyone would want to do otherwise other than follow the leader!

I hear that Aunty Janet has been sacrificing seriously in the name of Jesus entreprises flying to the holy land numerous times! Nine times in one month? It is a wonder that uncle Kaguta failed to ask why his wife was spending so much time away from his bed! Most ordinary men would be wondering whether there was another man in Israel or if the bodyguard was getting sneaky! But seriously, doesnt the president ask his wife what exactly she is doing in Israel nine times in one month at such high cost? Do these people really understand what they are doing? Do they really know the meaning of sacrifice and patriotism?

I get the part about Israel being an expert on arid agriculture but I still cannot get the reasoning behind Janet flying to Israel 9 times at the cost of more than 300,000 USD! How exactly do the Karimojong benefit from her travels? Is she a technocrat? Was she doing a pHD in arid technology like Ms Kazibwe’s expensive but useless Havard pHD? How many valley dams could 300,000 USD construct in Karamoja? Seriously if this is sacrifice, I need me some of that!

It appears that Karamoja is a free for all! Didn’t Ms Kazibwe back in her day also bite herself off a big chunk of that and delivered invisible dams? Poor Karimojong! No wonder they roam the streets of Kampala begging after following their money all the way from karamoja to kampala! Unfortunately they only get to admire the goloofa’s and mercedes rolling past! Tell me my dear, what is so attractive about Karamoja? Mummy dear is the minister busy sacrificing for them …. and obviously eating on their behalf! Sonny led the troops that shot them into submission. Aunt Jovia and uncle Saleh as well as Aunt Jovia’s sister apparently have themselves a lovely jig there with gold!

And then in come Gods chosen people, the Israeli’s. Tell me, you dabble in Uganda’s history. Didnt the Israeli’s opearate in that region in the 60’s …when they were not busy passing on arms to the South Sudanese Anyanya one rebellion until their ally Idi Amin turned upon them? Could they perchance know more about the regions geology than the Ugandan government? These days with minerals and oil turning up everywhere around the rift valley, anything could be happening in Karamoja. we already know about the gold but what else is there that you are not telling us about?

I know daddy dear has made some trips to Israel too. Now thats a coincidence! You see after watching the way you guys operate for decades, it becomnes easy to start connecting the dots! Why would it not surprise me that some deals have already been signed in that region that the Ugandan taxpayer knows nothing about and fortunes being made that the taxman has no record of?

Banange, all I can say is you guys should keep on sacrificing, being patriotic while the rest of us get to watch you and get jealous! Then one day, it will all go up kaput preferably after you guys have passed the economic crimes bill with death by firing squad! the public is fickle … and one day you get 68% in an election and the next day, they are hunting you down and dragging you from sewers and lodging bullets in your brain at point blank range or parading you in court in a cage! If you doubt me, ask Mubarak and the late gaddafi!

At this rate, Ugandans should be checking to make sure you guys have not already mortgaged the whole country to a private consortium! For what you have made Uganda cannot be described as anything other than a kleptocracy! Talking of kleptocracies, I hear those three CHOGM thieves have all been acquitted! Thats what you get for sending thieves to catch thieves!

My poor OB Kazinda is going to be the sacrificial lamb! Not that I pity him … in school, he would have been beaten up by his own friends and got expelled! But of course anyone who tries to convince you that he was stealing alone and that the PS Bigirimana didnt know what was going down has got to be drunk on something illegal! But then again, this government is full of people who smoke illegal somethings! No wonder there are so many kleptomaniacs … illegal drugs do cost a packet you know!

Of course after this recent revelation about the involvement of Holy Janet the mother of God and Jesus enterprises in the holy land we know who his protectors are! After all someone in the PM’s office must have approved all of that money for that many flights to the holy land!

Do these people realise that that same money could have paid for a whole team of technocrats who actually know what they are doing instead of tourist flights by the first lady for however interested and enthusiastic she maybe, quite frankly she wasted taxpayers and donors money!

Now we wait with bated breath to see what hubby is going to do about it! My opinion, those who expect him to act, are wasting their breath, they may as well breath!

P.S: I know you are happy and laughing in your ‘kikonde’ that a certain someone has been caught in the act but you know what the Baganda say about monkeys laughing at each others tails without looking back at their own!

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