The Danger of a Single Story: Why there is something fishy about all the social and media hype about the evils of M23!

Posted on December 1, 2012


The Danger of a Single Story: Why there is something fishy about all the social and media hype about the evils of M23!

by Drew Ddembe on Saturday, December 1, 2012 at 10:09pm ·

“Chimamanda Adichie: “The Danger of a Single Story” #Rwanda #Uganda #DRC #M23″

By David Bikako

David, this is why a few days ago I tweeted that the stories about M23 remind me of Adichie’s, “The Danger of a single story”

I keep wondering where the stories from the other side are?

I keep looking for the stories of the men and fighters of the M23 and cannot find them.

I keep looking for the atrocities from the other side … and cannot find them. But having grown up in the region and followed Uganda, Rwanda’s and Congo’s conflicts, I know this to be impossible!

I keep seeing twits and opinions by people who possibly cannot know anything about the conflict stating categorically that M23 are evil, have committed atrocities and should be in front of the Hague -yet they present no evidence. And even more telling, they say nothing about the other side. Its like there is M23 and then there are victims and thats about it!

I keep looking for the story of Banyamulenge ie bonafide Congolese native kinyarwanda speakers but cannot see it. Yet I clearly remember them being hunted down like animals on TV camera’s just over a decade ago!

Surely there has got to be some reason why the M23 seems to have followers and fighters. Unlike Kony I have not heard that they kidnapped and brainwashed their fighters!

This story looks like a stitch up, … like mob justice! Its too one sided. The voices too loud, too hysterical, too shrill, and too lacking in balance!! It reminds one of General Collin Powell lying to the UN in order to stampede it into allowing America to invade Iraq. Of Tony Blair lying to the UK and ordering tanks out to Heathrow to create the impression of imminent threat. Of George Bush and John Howard lying with straight faces.

And even after it became obvious that all they really went into Iraq for was oil contracts and the Iraqi’s were just collateral damage, they kept up the lies! They simply kept on moving the goal posts! Now it was WMD, rebuilding what they destroyed at usurious cost, fighting terrorism etc!

No one mentions how much wealth goes out of Congo daily and who takes it out. No one really tells us how much of Apples or Samsungs fortune is owed to Congo minerals nor how many diamonds at your local Tiffany’s are from the region.

And before they protest, just remember that many major western mining companies signed contracts for Congo’s wealth in exchange for arms with Kabila senior while he was a rebel and before the fall of kinshasa. This has happened before … and we know history repeats itself.

Mob justice cannot be justice.

But who is going to tell the real and full story?

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