What does Bahati know about Ms Nebanda’s death?

Posted on December 30, 2012


@christine says…

@christine says “Considering the fact that the late Nebanda was a rebel MP I am more than sure that if she was on drugs that fact would have been exploited and used to destroy her long before her tragic demise. ..lAbout the use of the words ‘idiots’ it is very unbecoming for any head of state to call citizens that…they could have erred and are lost but you never call anyone an idiot if you re the Fountain of Honor”

Christine Lubwa Oryema Lalobo, one of the possibilities is that she was set up from the word go.

Remember the president and the deceased sisters claim that MP Bahati of the anti homosexual bill fame introduced her to Kalungi her boyfriend promising that he would give her a ‘good time’. No one has said what he meant by that. Some people would say that having access to loads of drugs is having a great time!

Bahati denied knowing Kalungi but admitted to knowing Kalungi’s sister! You would think that the police would want to find out more what he knows about this guy that could help locate him!

Bahati has not been named among the foolish idiots for interrogation nor has he been asked to make a statement to the police!

As for calling ones voters idiots, there are no surprises here! The same people who ‘voted wisely’ implying they were wise, are now fools and idiots!

Did you watch Tamale-Mirundi? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHRuxsvNRBk

Can you think of any country where a presidential spokesperson can refer to the ruling party vice president the way he referred to Mukula and the person referred to did not resign or the spokesperson did not get sacked?

When you watch Tamale-mirundi speak and the president abuse people, you wonder whether the tail is wagging the dog! Does Tamale write the presidents speeches or is he just a bulldog trained to attack people the master wants mauled?

The same idiotic fool Mirundi meanders into by elections like the NRM needs any held losing the Butaleja seat! Its already gone. If the opposition are on the ball, they would be wooing Nebanda’s mother to stand for that seat right now! The idea of Nebanda’s 18 year old sister standing is a bad one but the mother maybe able to pull it off very neatly with a landslide!

This tragicomedy makes for interesting viewing! these diiots keep on giving …. and giving! now they are airing NRM underwear out in the open like ‘nsenene’ in a bottle eating each other! One does not know whether to laugh or cry watching them make one bungle after another! its a wonder Museveni did not don his full battle fatigues and carry an AK47 to his recent press conferences as he used to in the past! Whenever he wished to intimidate the country or parliament, he addressed them in full battle fatigue!

Sometimes your enemy looks so pathetic you feel like interrupting them while they are making a mistake. They are giving by the bucketful … mistake after a mistake, you want to scream stopppp! Who does PR for these fools … I forget we are the fools and they are geniuses! I beg your pardon!

Did you notice that my dear sweetheart Nina Mbabazi, has ducked this one? She and her dad have had so much egg on their face in the last one year defending the government against its own stupidity they are calmly watching this one from the sidelines and allowing their master and his minions to hang themselves with the rope they so readily put around their own necks!

The honourable PM Amama Mbabazi is not volunteering to march into parliament to argue the governments side in this affair!

These people are now starting to see which side of their bread is buttered.

Methinks that while the bull is raging in the china shop, allow it to vent its fury. then present its owner with the bill for the destroyed china after!

Let the speaker be arrested. Let the NRM MP’s be arrested and shipped off to Goma or even juba for their trials. We could ship some off to our colony in Somalia too! Let the army march into parliament and drag MP’s out screaming and crying democracy! Then they shall all understand what role they have played in feeding this beast! And the next time that they have to vote on term limits, they will think twice before “voting unwisely” like the fools and idiots that the president says they are! And the president should know. each time there has been an impasse in parliament he has invited them to Rwakitura or the taxpayer funded statehouse and induced them to vote against their conscience and presumably better judgement!

As my grandmother would have said, ‘enkuba elyooka nga netoonya netulaba ensisira ezitoonya’! Translated it means, “its great that it rained else we would not have known which grass thatched huts were leaking”!

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