The Museveni of 1986 thinks Museveni has no business being in politics today!

Posted on April 28, 2013


The Museveni of 1986 thinks Museveni has no business being in politics today!

“Politics is about the provision of roads, water, drugs in hospitals, and schools for children. Take the road from here, Parliament Buildings to Republic house. This road is so bad that if a pregnant woman travels on it, I am sure she will have a miscarriage!”

Yoweri K. Museveni, Kampala 1986

But after 27 years, this is the reality! Yet there are those who still wish to claim that he and only he ‘has got a vision for this country’ in an effort to justify his life presidency!

There are even those who are now arguing that his son, the recipient of a rapid promotion within the army is best qualified to succeed him without saying what the son would do different that he cannot advise his father to do now!

If you are bringing up children in Uganda, if you have ageing parents in Uganda, if you suffer from a chronic illness that needs specialised care, if you cannot afford private healthcare of afford to be airlifted out of the country, you need to watch these videos!

Ugandans need to connect the dots. These videos demonstrate that this government has no plan for providing quality (basic healthcare to Ugandans!

None of the hospitals depicted here should be open. All are dangerous and hazardous. If Uganda really had a proper accreditation system, all of them would be closed down immediately as hazardous and only opened when they met minimum criteria for safety!

The recurring themes in all of these videos are hygiene, overcrowding, drug shortages, poor staffing, unpaid salaries for several months etc. These are all at odds with the claims of the NRM government of having fixed the healthcare system, having no drug shortages and built infrastructure!

These are governance and administration issues that suggest that this government despite being in power for 27 years has failed to provide leadership and remains incompetent!

Using Museveni’s own yardstick in 1986, he and the NRM have failed Ugandans and have no right to continue leading this country!

Soroti hospital

Mbarara hospital

Lira hospital

Buganda hospitals

Busoga hospitals


Mulago -outsiders view

Nakaseke hospital

Lacor hospital,Gulu

Gulu regional hospital

Kiwoko hospital Luwero

Kisiizi hospital

Tororo hospital

Jinja hospital

Ngora hospital

Kumi hospital

Hoima hospital

Nakaseke hospital


Soroti hospital

Mulago -engineers term mulago a death trap

Cancer Institute

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