Letter to Nina – Of Lukwago when the state exercises primitive power!

Posted on November 25, 2013


My dearest Nina Mbabazi,


Today i watched a little jumped up tin pot dictator exercise his power in an expression of brute force. 



It reminded me of yours and my courtship at the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011. those days you my dear were full of fire. You were the yellow girl par excellence heading the dancing troupe that egged and cheered the sabalwanyi on to his electoral victory!



I did however warn you at the time that the victory for whatever it was worth would be a pyrrhic victory and that you would one day rue your involvement in engineering it. for am told that the real word is engineering and that you my dear held the blueprints. The sabalwanyi even went on to thank you publicly for your role in his re election!



But I warned you then that the puppy you feed becomes the nasty big dog that turns around to bite your ankle. That daddy dear, uncle mahogany with his round hat and affected mannerisms and accent would be humiliated by the sabalwanyi if only in an exercise to show who is boss! You see, you committed the cardinal sin of coveting the capo di tutti cappo’s chair! Such insubordination can only be paid for with your head. it is a clear demonstration of how powerful daddy was that he did not take Mahogany’s place in Luzira and that he is not the one begging people to take him seriously. But you know that you did not come out unscathed! No wonder you went silent and are trying to blend into the background. Thats so unlike you my dear and you need to come back and take the centre stage! As the sabalwanyi said, you want the animal, you have to fight for it. Daddy dear would be well advised to take that advice too else he will forever be relegated to the position of lifelong servitude to the sabalwanyi and his family in exchange for scraps! What a way to for a proud and ambitious man to end a career!



These days I hear that the mulwanyi and his family toss around th chair among themselves. That their favourite game is to draw lots as to who among them is going to inherit the chair. One … the old man lives forever! Two the wife gets a sexually transmitted chair. Three the son inherits it! Huh! I wonder whether you knew you were creating a fine little dynasty here where there is no room for outsiders! Byt the time they finish tossing the chair around even their grandchildren will be standing in line. So much for the Mbabazi’s! i told you you need to step out of the castle and try being the peoples princess. It is liberating. The castle walls can become a prison!



Kale those buchaina who took you to court … nga bumanyiira! But there was a time when no jumped up foreign investor would ever have dared insult your royal grace in that manner else he would have lost his head to the wolves. As for this Sudhir chap … yesiga ki? Can you imagine the ka man who walked in from London broke less than 3 decades ago to become a billionaire on the ka animal that daddy helped the sabalwanyi kill daring to lock up and take over the Bakiga bank? No wonder, one can see a lot of angry Bakiga on facebook! Nange nabanyigiira ko! I cannot imagine that all of our Temangalo money is in Sudhir’s belly! Naye ayina okuba nga alina kyeyesiga! He must have strong protectors from above! But I forget, there is only one person more powerful than JPAM! I even tremble thinking that the sabalwanyi could have used a foreigner to clip the wings and ambitions of his wingman! Sounds like treason doesn’t it?



But I digress. I watch the crass display of power today. The impunity and abuse of power in insisting on holding impeachment proceedings at the same time as the same matter was being heard by a court. Ignoring the injunction and refusing to be served. Misusing power and ordering an assault on the person of Sewanyana. Bambi these people of yours do not read history. Specifically they do not read Ugandan history. If they did they would have more humility!



Have you ever wondered why 25 years ago it would have been inconceivable for Ugandans to go out on the streets of Kampala knowing fully well your mindless robots would crack their skulls? the term is called goodwill … the same quality that a guerilla movement needed in the bush in order to conduct their war. You need the cooperation of the people to mount a successful peoples movement.



But what happens when you lose the cooperation of the population? When the people become the enemy? When they chose to attack you or hand you over to your enemies? Your days in that case would be numbered!



The trigger for this letter my dear was that arrogant display by Frank Tumwebaze. I just wrote him a little note to let him know what he just did as he may not actually realise it.



It is not just enough to exercise power … but to exercise it with honour. A crass display of power marks one as a mukopi! One without manners. One without obuntu! My grandmother used to say that when a man loses all vestige of akobuntu, that man is as good as dead. You guys better rescue your so called movement from these imposters before it implodes and takes all of you with it!



I post my message to him below for you in case you have not seen it. The lumpenp[roletariat is coming. The proletariat is rebelling. The paesantry … is a thrid world paesantry with sufficiently strong connections to the urban lumpenproletariat to at some point start listening to them. And its at that point that the end will be nigh! You guys need to read Sabalwanyi’s dissertation on Fanon as well as all of his works in particular “Wretched of the Earth”!



Bambi nkyakwagala ela nkulowoozaako naye abantu bo mbakooye! I guess one cannot chose their inlaws so the least i can do is to warn you … run!



You know whats interesting … like with Besigye, when the state exercises its brute raw primitive power, people do not ask themselves what he really stands for … they just support him! I would hate for you guys to have an election in Kampala right now with Lukwago as a candidate!


If you keep doing the same thing over and over and get he same results, change what you are doing! Radicalising the population bu brutalising them can only backfire in spectacular ways!







Watching that video of Sewanyana being brutalised at the orders of Tumwebaze makes one reach for a popcorn and smile inwardly!



Bambi these goatherds who have just seen power seem to think that it lasts forever! As Baganda say, “Eyakalaba …!”



Power comes. And power goes.



But when you lose your “öbuntu bulamu” otherwise known as “obuntu”, then you are dead as social animal and risk becoming an outcast in the community!



Having had the rare chance of sharing classes with the children of once very powerful people from idi Amins children to his regimes immediate predecessors … people who held the power of life and death, I can only smile and reach for my popcorn when i see people exercising impunity!



After these people were the likes of Tinyefunza … today Tinye is sharing the cold of winter with those for whom he made Kampala uninhabitable and hoping that they can accept his apparent metamorphosis from Saul to Paul!



Karma is a bitch and what goes around does come around! “Enkuba elyokaanga nétonya netulyooka tulaba ensissira bwezitoonya” is another apt one!”. Translated means that its just as well that it rained else we would not have been able to tell which huts had leaky roofs!






If you sit by the river long enough, you will get to see your enemies float down the river (Chinese proverb)!



Those who have been around long enough to see all of them come and go can tell you that once you have to resort to brute force to keep the people in check, … once you need force to protect yourself from the people, once you have to brutalise and kill people to project and maintain your power, then you will have already lost it. 



It was a small matter to allow Ssewanyana to speak, then to rule on the matter, for or against him. But the little dictatorship act …. kind of is a nasty reminder of the so called swine you claim to have replaced!



So much for a fundamental revolution!



As for the killings around the city … speechless!



May you (not you my dear Nina) get what is coming for you.



PS: Remember Gaddafi? I wonder what is next … you charging Lukwago with economic sabotage?


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