First they came for the Bayindi ….!

Posted on February 26, 2014


Drew Ddembe

After the war on mini skirts, ‘sodomists’ people who put their tongues in the ‘wrong’ places, one wonders who is next! According to the one and only visionary in the country, to “lick the bowl” or to “suck the lollipop” to apply the local colloquials are unnatural and “una african” whatever that means!!

Since when did we start judging other peoples taste in the bedroom? To me men who go all gagga about big bazoongas and nyash are strange but who cares.

Different strokes for different folks! its the way its always been … so whats different now? Everyone does his thing forward, sideways, backwards, in reverse gear, with their tongue and whatever else appendage they may have as well as orifice one can think of …. you get the point! There is a reason man has such a large brain … plenty of extra capacity to be creative! So one pities those with brains so small they can only focus on missionary and going to the toilet!

This article may provide a clue! If you have the title doctor, you may now be a marked man or woman given the way things are going. if we do not like what someone else is or does, we lock them away or better still put them to death! In the article Museveni castigates people who are titled “Doctor”!—Museveni/-/688334/2219246/-/lc0twrz/-/index.html so if you are one of those people with luwaizi waizi, lugezigezi, luzunguzungu or ‘I know more”, muwedde! You are next!

Its amazing init, that in a country where we continue to circumcise women and throw the best bits away, we think our priorities lie under womens skirts specifically how long they are or how “obscene” they look! in my book the word obscene like the word nigger or damn, may have positive meanings! like if a woman looks “obscene”, it means that when any member of the male species with a pulse looks at her, he will stand up straight and rigid to attention …no i didnt mean what you are thinkiing! Thats just your dirty mind!

Ugandans children are dying before their fifth birthday, their women are dying in a normal process that animals do unattended all of the time. The hospitals are death camps where people go to die! And the countrys leadership just holds out their arms and claim “binsobedde”!

The current vogue is for the people, abused, hopeless, apathetic and helpless to plead with their government to help them! this is best demonstrated by the ironic phrase “Tusaba Gavumenti etuyambe” which has become some kind of laughter line! But its not funny! thats what my Sanyu who is all of four years says … daddy, its not funny! But Ugandans do not seem to notice that their leaders are mocking them!

Ugandans are being killed in Sudan for reasons the average Ugandan would struggle to even understand in a war where there are no good guys! But no, giving free license to louts and drug addicts to molest and harrass as well as assault your daughters, sisters and wives who they may resent because they are out of their social reach is more important? Just wait till the imbeciles you just armed with self righteous anger start to do “corrective rapes”!

In high school a parent then an NRM minister got onto his high horse and suggested at a PTA meeting that boys who “introduced their sons to cigarette smoking” should be expelled on the spot and that the schools policy of suspension and manual labour where wimpy and innadequate! Guess whose son was th first to be expelled. incidentally the same boy was rumoured to be sucking on someones lollipop! Naye temumbuza bino bya mbu! daddy came back to school tail between his legs begging for his son to be given any other punishment but expulsion!

The name of the game is beware what you do or say against a fellow human being. The things we do come back to bite us. Its called karma. In luganda its akabwa keweyolela! Its about the co wife who returns the stick that was usued to beat their co wife to the house … little knowing that next time it will be their turn!


First they came for the Baganda, and no one said a word, for they were not Baganda!

Then they came for the Acholi, but no one said anything for they were not Acholi either.

Then they came for the Indians, and again no one said anything for they were not Indians.

Then they came for Nubians but they were not Nubians so nobody said anything.

Then they came for Baganda again, but who cared, they were not Baganda.

And again they came for Acholis and other northerners, but no one said a thing … they were not northerners,

Then they came for Bafurusi and Banyarwanda …

And then they came for women wearing mini skirts

And then they came for men who ride in reverse!

And when they come for you, who will be there to speak for you?


Meanwhile paedophiles rule the country and this is only a diversion!

Tusaba Katonda Atuyambe!!!

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